Raider  Twin Track =====
Raider Snowmobiles 1971-1975
Two 1974 Raiders
"It's our differences that
make us different."
Yes, we do love to
use them! They are a
blast to ride!!!
This website is for all collectors, lovers, and fans
of this unique snow vehicle.
What the heck is that??
The Raider is a rear engine, twin track snowmobile
with a full fiberglass cockpit. It has a 2-stroke
engine, tubular steel chassis, and two 8-inch wide
This website is under construction.
Check back often, as we continue to build, and
improve this site. We plan to have lots of history,
photos, stories, and technical help
Can you actually ride these?
Yes. They work best on a groomed trail, and are
capable of surprising speeds. They climb hills very
well, and are great fun through a twisty trail.
They are absolutely NOT "tippy". After 30 plus
years, they are still very ridable, and fun!!!
Do you have questions about a
Raider, or have sleds or parts to sell?
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Here are some of the sleds in our Raider & Twintrack collection.